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...and during the "Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften" (RWolf 2015) the "Potsdamer Tag der Wissenschaften" (RWolf 2015)
Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften in Berlin-Dahlem (HBaumgarten 2015) the "Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften" in Berlin-Dahlem (HBaumgarten 2015)

Leibniz Graduate School: Agricultural techniques: potentials and costs of greenhouse gas mitigation (LandPaKT) 

Exploiting the substantial greenhouse gas mitigation potentials from agriculture requires viable measures on the farm level. In the graduate school LandPaKT, seven PhD students will analyze the mitigation potentials and costs systematically and merge them on the farm level. With the re-wetting of organic soils, the carbon sequestration in mineral soils depending on agricultural activities and the livestock husbandry, the most important sectors of agriculture are included in the analyses. With modelling and simulation approaches, single as well as combined measures are analyzed with regard to their overall effect. Recommendations for the most-promising measures on the farm level are deduced.

With LandPaKT, the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) and the Thaer-Institute (former Agricultural-Horticultural faculty of the Humboldt University Berlin) combine their competences and offer a structured, interdisciplinary environment for the PhD students. The PhD candidates can profit from regularly and qualified support, have access to several training opportunities to improve those skills which are indispensable for a successful scientific career.

The graduate school LandPaKT is funded by the Leibniz-Association in the context of the "Joint Initiative for Research and Innovation” of BMBF and started in May 2013.




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3rd September 2016 Paris Agreement ratified by the U.S.A. and China (>>Status information)

Recent COconcentrations in the atmosphere at Mauna Loa observatory (>>Keeling Kurve)

8th Agrosnet-PhD-Day is over (>>see here for some impressions)

Accompanying to the project, a game is being developed >>more information

LandPaKT member Katja Holz talks about her work in a film about Career options for Agricultural Scientists (see VDL video; in German)

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